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Maximum Absorbed Vitamins

Maximum absorption is the primary driving force behind each unique blend by Give It A Shot. Our Research and Development team seeks out innovation from all over the world to deliver essential nutrients for the body, with safety as a top priority, to create a brand that inspires trust.

Our blends not only deliver nutrient benefits, but also help your body heal, perform, and provide overall wellness. The nutrients inside each injection are developed with a single goal: to deliver the maximum vitamin absorption with the highest quality ingredients.

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I love the Combo Boost Shot as it increases my energy levels and overall performance at the gym.

Since taking the Athlete & Detox Shot I can feel the difference in my inflammation levels, and able to move more freely. My shoulder pain has decreased dramatically.

I'm an 85 year old veteran that has suffered three back surgeries resulting in extreme pain. I have been taking weekly injections of the Athlete and Joint Relief and have less aches and pains".