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Endurance Shot (Performance Enhancer)


The perfect shot for those looking to increase their overall performance. This shot contains a proprietary blend of 5 different Amino Acids.

Active Ingredients:
Improves gastrointestinal health, boosts brain health, promotes muscle growth and decreases muscle wasting.
Ornithine: Increases both insulin and growth hormone levels, helps in building muscle, and reduces body fat.
Arginine: Improves heart health, lowers inflammation and fights the effects of aging, and boosts exercise performance.
Lysine: Reduces anxiety, important for the creation of Carnitine, lowers cholesterol, and supports a healthy gut.
Citrulline: Precursor to the circulation-improving amino acid Arginine.
Carnitine: Helps mitochondria burn fat.

Inactive Ingredients:
Water for injection
Benzyl Alcoho

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